a. Production Orders
b. Process Manufacturing
c. Production Bill of Materials
d. Version Management
e. Basic Supply Planning
f. Demand Forecasting
g. Basic Capacity Planning
h. Machine Centers
i. Job Work


a. RM/ PM Storage :

i. High Inventories
ii. Wrong Inventories

b. Production:

i. Batch Variations
ii. High Energy Cost

c. Packaging

i. Primary & Secondary Packaging.
ii. Despatch


a. Retail Store Operation
b. Point of Sales wise costing.
c. Branch wise costing.
d. Shop wise warehouse control.
e. Return of rejected material
f. Maintenance of Vendor wise Item
g. Categorisation of different items
h. Placed for Quality Checking
i. Creation of central warehouse for incoming material


a. Die Management.
b. Log & Billet Management.
c. Extrusion.
d. Re-Melting.
e. Inspection Reporting.
f. Packaging.


a. Production Planning.
b. Detailed Production Management.
c. Moulder Wise Production Reporting.
d. Quality Management System.
e. Template – Based Costing.

Dairy/ Ice-Cream

a. Daily milk collection in collection points/Chilling points.
b. Chilling point configuration.
c. Automated SMS integration on milk receipt
d. Automated FAT% & SNF% entry from individual supply sample testing
e. Manual FAT% & SNF% entry individual supply wise
f. Maintenance of Price list based on FAT% & SNF%
g. Fetching price from price list based on manual FAT% & SNF%
h. Different MIS reports based on actual FAT% & SNF%
i. Transfer of Raw Milk from chilling point to production/plant
j. Automated daily milk vendor invoice processing – Considering the volume of transactions
k. Issue of cattle feed and medicine to farmers/customer
l. Automated periodic payment to farmers through Bank transfer
m. Container management
n. Production management of different products (Different type of milks and milk products)
o. Production receipt and production order costing with variance analysis
p. Different dairy specific MIS reports on milk collection and sales
q. Transport invoice processing