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Difference Between SAP B1 and SME

While implementing SAP B1 is a great way to streamline all the business processes, an SAP SME offers the expertise necessary to get the optimal results from the SAP ERP (enterprise resource planning) management system. Therefore, it’s important to know the difference between SAP B1 and SME for people who want to apply SAP B1 in their organizations. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between SAP B1 and SAP SME in a little bit more detail. So, let’s have a deep dive.  

Table of contents 

  • What is SAP B1? 
  • How SAP B1 is different from SAP
  • What is SAP SME? 
  • Roles of SAP SME 
  • Difference between SAP B1 and SME 
  • Final words 

What is SAP B1? 

SAP B1, also known as SAP Business One, is an ERP (enterprise resource planning) business management system that is specifically designed for small and medium organizations to manage all business processes including customers and sales, finance and accounting, logistics, analytics, and reporting among a lot more others.  

How SAP B1 is different from SAP 

SAP B1 is not similar to those SAP ERP solutions that are often used by large and complex businesses such as fortune 500 companies, rather it is designed with the idea to fulfill the needs of small and medium companies such as new start-ups.  

What is SAP SME?

SAP SME refers to SAP subject matter experts. An SAP SME is a person who has in-depth knowledge and expertise in a particular area or domain and is not a jack of all trades. 

An SAP SME can be a professional who is highly specialized in a specific domain so that his expertise can be used more efficiently in SAP or a professional who has been attached to SAP implementations for a long period within the same area at other organizations.   

Roles of SAP SME 

There are many different roles and responsibilities that are carried out by SAP subject matter experts (SME). In general, the most common responsibilities of SAP subject matter experts (SME) may include:

  • Identifying and fixing the operational issues that staffs face on a daily basis
  • Process standardization and proper alignment within the respective area or domain within the business 
  • Supervising, monitoring, and documenting business processes as per requirement 
  • Revising documentation of the respective domain and finding out the gaps 
  • Ensuring that all business processes within the respective domain are properly aligned with the organization’s central operations and do not harm other departments’ activities 
  • Figuring out potential threats and reporting to all associated departments in a predicted manner 
  • Seamless implementation of SAP with proper harmonization across all departments and operations  
  • And many more

Difference between SAP B1 and SME 

The basic difference between SAP B1 and SME is that SAP B1 is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business management system that is used for managing and controlling all the business processes including inventory, warehousing, sales, accounting, and customers relationships among others, in contrast, SAP SME refers to SAP subject matter expert that involves manpower who have the expertise required to ease the implementation of the program even in some unexpected changes that are often found inevitable within most of the small organizations. 

In simple words, implementing SAP B1 in an organization along with SAP SME (subject matter expert) people who have the necessary expertise, command, and authority in a specific area or domain could be more beneficial to achieve business goals faster . An SAP SME has enough knowledge in their domain to handle associated processes such as legal issues, customs, taxes, regulations, and more. 

Final words 

The difference between SAP B1 and SAP SME is important to know for small and medium businesses so that they can apply SAP Business One in their organizations in a proper manner to achieve their business goals seamlessly. 

However, SAP B1 is an ERP software solution that was mainly programmed keeping in mind the needs of small and medium businesses. On the other hand, an SAP SME refers to a subject matter expert who has specialized expertise in a particular domain for implementing SAP solutions. 

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