Enhanced features of SAP B1 Version 10.0

SAP B1 Version 10.0 is now available with a fresh look and full range of enhanced features supplying you with the most effective tools to handle your business more efficiently. This up-gradation has been done to be more customer centric. Built for simple use within the cloud and with even more options to increase and integrate, SAP B1 further establishes itself because the ERP system of choice for little and medium businesses.

SAP B1 Version 10.0 offers enhanced functionality, also as introducing some impressive new features which will benefit the users. With your users having the tools to more easily perform tasks, it can cause increased productivity and better information flow throughout the organisation. This is how a world-class business management system can enhance your revenue.

Some of the impressive features which will help the users in your business operation:

  1. Enhanced intuitive interface with a replacement modern and fresh look and pity usability.
  2. The Web Client are often launched from an online browser also as directly from the SAP Business One desktop application.
  3. Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive integration allows reports to be exported directly into Excel and Word.
  4. Automatic upload of exports into OneDrive.
  5. Easier reporting and document management.
  6. More visual planning of Project Management Tasks.
  7. Access remotely from anywhere on multiple device types.
  8. Easier drill down in financial reports.
    Further enhancements in electronic approval.
  9. New integration framework for easier data flow between systems and applications.
  10. Integration of SAP Field Service Management for mobile.
  11. Automation of processes using features like machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT).
  12. Enhanced Cloud Deployment.