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ERP for the Pharmaceutical Industry –

In recent years, India’s pharmaceutical business has experienced extraordinary expansion, owing to increased domestic demand and strong demand from export markets. To stay competitive, pharmaceutical businesses must be able to respond swiftly and flexibly to changing market situations and legal environments, such as cost cuts in the health care industry.

Because of the competitive nature of the pharmaceutical industry, ERP is required. Pharma ERP streamlines numerous procedures in pharma firms, helping them to produce optimum output. ERP software not only automates the entire organisation but also connects all of the operations, allowing the pharma company to keep track of every crucial procedure. 

Ayurvedic and pharmaceutical enterprises can use ERP software as a stand-alone solution for all of their business needs. Expiry management, quality, formulation, price, and compliance are only a few of the operations. The organisation requires the best ERP software for the pharmaceutical industry to manage all of the procedures. 

List of best ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry

The scalability, functionality, and available reference customers are used to rate the pharma ERP solutions.

Here are some of the best ERP Softwares used in the Pharmaceutical Industries. 

SAP Business One

SAP Business One or SAP B1 is a business management software developed by SAP. SAP business one software contains different modules and sub modules for user to manage core data of business operations. All modules contain different operations for managing small and medium size business efficiently to grow your business worldwide.

SAP Business One is a Cloud ERP solution for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies.

  • It supports important business flows that can be quickly modified by non-technical users to meet new requirements. 
  • Production orders of many types, such as standard, unique, and disassembly can be processed with the help of SAP Business One.
  • It allows everything, from production to repair, services, and more. 
  • With a single mouse click, you can see all of your production costs analysis on one screen using SAP Business One’s drill-down capability. 
  • It has inventory, transfer, and invoicing functions built-in, allowing businesses to easily manage inventories at customer locations. 
  • Allows simplified data flow management and allows businesses to automate business procedures while taking a proactive approach to concerns.

In Kolkata, India, Megatherm-SAP B1 ERP Division is an Authorized SAP B1 Partner. In India, MegathermERP have strong connectivity including Kolkata (Base Point), Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Raipur-Chattishgarh, and North Bengal, we work with SAP Business One ERP. The main goal of Megatherm is to assist customers to establishing a solid IT infrastructure so that they may focus on their core business rather than worrying about IT. Currently, MegathermERP have a strong team dedicated to serving our customers’ business software needs both locally and abroad.

Oracle NetSuite ERP

Oracle NetSuite is the world’s most popular cloud system, offering a single unified cloud platform for all back-office functions like accounting, CRM, and eCommerce. 

  • Oracle NetSuite provides real-time market data and statistics, allowing pharmaceutical companies to respond and adapt to changing market conditions in real-time.
  • Pharmaceutical firms may control and monitor their manufacturing for optimal results by utilising cutting-edge features such as predictive analysis and forecasting.
  • Oracle NetSuite makes stock and inventory management more organised and laser-focused.
  • Pharmaceutical firms can gain a 360-degree perspective of their complete supply chain by using Oracle NetSuite. 

Infor M3

Infor M3TM is a robust cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that uses cutting-edge technology to provide the groundwork for digital transformation. 

It has significant capabilities for pharmaceutical firms in the SMB and SME space, with integrated functionality that caters to pharmaceutical-specific processes such as computer system validation and compliance.

Infor M3 has the following features:

  • Accounting
  • Audit Trail
  • Budgeting
  • CRM
  • Customer Management
  • Document Management
  • Event Calendar
  • Expense Tracking
  • Financial Management, etc.

Tally ERP

TallyPrime is one of the most popular business management software programmes in the world, with functions such as accounting, stock control, reporting, and payroll. Compliance with GMP and FDA requirements is a top priority for any Pharmaceutical ERP. Hence, Tally is one of the top preferences in the world. 

The salient features of Tally are as follows. 

  • It performs quality control, approves and rejects material receipts concerning orders.
  • It can print labels from the system.
  • Assigs an R No. to varied batches.
  • Stock is issued in accordance with established formulas based on requisitions generated by the system.
  • Validations on the issue of expired based material and the FEFO (First Expired First Out)
  • Material retesting is done in accordance with the Retest Overdue Report
  • Conversion of various grades based on Quality Control approval

Orion ERP 

Orion ERP is a powerful pharmaceutical solution with built-in process manufacturing functionalities that ensure quality, consistency, and speed of medicine delivery in order to meet not only the complex laws but also the ever-increasing needs of patients.

Role of ERP in Pharma Company-

From manufacture to delivery, ERP can help to streamline processes. ERP software can help manufacturers to keep track of raw materials used in pharma industry, inventory of products, packaging and other things. Businesses can utilise these data to improve their operational work, visibility and overall profitability at the same time. These data help manufacturers to setup a plan for their operational work.

A outdated legacy ERP and manual processes is not only a time consuming work but also leaves space for human error, which can lead to a costly compliance issues in a pharma industry. And in pharma industry errors can be dangerous to patients’ health in some situations, so a best ERP system not only help you to track business record but also reduce human error.

Benefits of ERP for Pharma Company-

ERP software is made up of numerous modules that interact with one another to provide easy access to information, forming a network that connects all of the pharmaceutical industry’s divisions. The important modules are as follows:

  • Easy Integration – Enterprise resource planning enables seamless integration of supply chain planning, production, sales, and finance, as well as effective and compliance procurement. Pharmaceutical procurement necessitates a high level of control for both cost efficiency and compliance. Ingredient and material traceability are critical, as is sourcing products from reputable suppliers with well-vetted supply chains.
  • Reduce Costs Operations – Having powerful manufacturing capabilities within your ERP system is critical for running an effective organisation. A good production management module can collaborate with other modules to collect data and information for proper equipment and resource usage thereby minimising the overall production costs.
  • Inventory Control – Pharmaceutical organisations require robust inventory management capability in their ERP systems to gain real-time information into stock availability and perform on-the-fly stock valuations. Many pharmaceutical organisations must be able to track stock across several actual and virtual warehouses since they operate in multiple countries and locations or sell on consignment.
  • Optimize Resource Utilization – An ERP system tailored for the pharmaceutical business makes managing your supply chain and other proceedings considerably easier. Pharmaceutical firms can use enterprise resource planning software to make their processes more efficient and robust by integrating sales, production, procurement, or purchasing, as well as historical data. Thus, optimizing the resources available to get the highest returns possible. 
  • Large Data Monitoring – The Batch Control and Traceability module keep track of all pharma product manufacture, separating it into batches that can be dispatched for distribution. This module keeps track of production and shipping by keeping a complete record.
  • Error-Less Bill Generation – Financial management is at the heart of every ERP solution, and this is no different when it comes to pharmaceutical ERP. Operating globally and across many legal entities with inter-company trading and financial consolidation is a crucial requirement for many pharmaceutical companies. To decrease errors and save up time, modern ERP solutions for the pharmaceutical industry include different localizations to enable global commerce and cater for inter-company transactions and trading.


Due to the highly regulated and controlled nature of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, properly installing an ERP solution is critical to avoid a failed ERP project.

We cannot leave without saying that choosing an ERP implementation partner with little or no industry experience who has completed similar ERP projects with other CMOs, pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, and biotechnology companies is a bad idea.

This is why, MegathermErp, being an Authorized SAP Business One Partner in Kolkata would be the best choice, who intends to provide solutions to both private and public sector businesses, depending on their needs and requirements.
MegathermErp makes the most use of all available resources, resulting in increased efficiency and performance. With our ERP software, you can track properties with ease while streamlining and improving other company processes such as batch production, sales functions, inventory control, purchasing, quality assurance, accounting and financials, regulatory reporting, and so on.

FAQs Related Pharma Industry

What is pharmaceutical ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, is a business management software solution that enables organisations to automate and oversee all necessary business activities. Enterprise Requirement Planning is another name for this programme (ERP). A pharmaceutical ERP is a programming tools which control the whole processes of a pharmaceutical Industry and reduce the compliance of every level of the workflow. A pharmaceutical ERP is enable at every stage of company workflow and follow the guidelines of your requirement.

What is the Cost of pharmaceutical ERP?

The Costing of pharmaceutical ERP are depending upon many factors like number of user associated with software, Industry requirement and software customization. For rough idea you may follow SAP Business One Costing Blog.

How pharmaceutical ERP Work?

What Modules are included in pharmaceutical ERP?

ERP software is made up of numerous modules that interact with one another to provide easy access to information, forming a network that connects all of the pharmaceutical industry’s divisions. The important modules are as follows:

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