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ERP For Garment Manufacturing Business

The Garment Industry is rapidly growing and needs quick solutions for its technical and non-technical problems. A business flourishes with proper management. With a proper management solution, it can sustain the competitive market. One of the most common ways of targeting growth is by including ERP software solutions. By doing so, it makes everything run smoothly. Megatherm ERP provides a one-stop solution for all the manufacturing companies in one go.

The MegathermERP SAP Business One is an authorised SAP business partner located in Kolkata.  It provides SAP ERP software solutions for companies based in India for the garment industry. As a result, the business flourished across India in places like Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam, Chhattisgarh and North Bengal.

What does ERP stand for?

If we simply put it together, ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. It is the software responsible for multiple functions of a business. It brings all the essential functions under a conglomerated system.

Irrespective of the size of a business, it needs proper management for certain things like sales management, material management, payroll, purchase management, and so on. The list is never-ending, and it is crucial to bring all the data into a single database. This is where Megartherm ERP software solutions come to the rescue.

Benefits of ERP

The benefits of ERP are huge and may differ from business to business depending on the specific requirements, hence, it’s necessarily not possible to mention them all here. 

Some of the most common benefits of ERP solutions may include: 

  • Faster access to data with 100% accuracy 
  • Improved organizational accountability with seamless transparency 
  • Enhanced consumer engagement with better support 
  • Improved operational efficiency through centralized data accessing 
  • Proper optimization and utilization of resources 
  • Strategic development by measuring cost, quality, and performance 
  • Analyzing and reporting in compliance with international standards 

These aren’t a complete list but only a few common benefits of ERP. However, the benefits of using ERP solutions aren’t common for all businesses, rather they differ across all industries and projects. 

Features of Garment Manufacturing ERP-

The manufacturing business is appreciating the benefits of ERP  in a competition-driven market. Almost all the manufacturers, big or small, are looking forward to it. It can be chosen for both process manufacturing and discrete manufacturing. If you are someone in the Garment Industry, you must be curious why you choose ERP solutions.

Some of the benefits are listed below.

  • Centralized dashboard to control multiple functions – A centralized dashboard serves as a hub that allows you to view and control every operation and department including production, quality control, supply chain, finance, sales, HR, marketing, warehouse, and shop floors among others.   
  • Real-time tracking – ERP solutions for garment manufacturing offer a real-time tracking facility by which you can track shipping, warehouse, and shop floors automatically without any manual up-gradation hassles.   
  • Accuracy – By using a centralized data resource that eliminates data redundancy, each and every authorized user can access accurate data from anywhere in the world, making it highly beneficial for productivity, decision making, and improving communications with suppliers, vendors, coworkers, and customers.  .   
  • Product Quality check: With an additional software solution of SAP business one, you can be assured of an enhanced quality check of the products. There are parameters for each manufacturing business. The ERP meets the needs required for the parameters set.
  • Better time management: Time is a precious asset for all manufacturing businesses. With SAP ERP, it becomes easier to manage time and minimize the overall time required for initiating any specific decision for the business. The business is initiated in real-time.
  • Monitor your stock easily: To have proper control of the stock availability is crucial. SAP ERP, the manufacturers, can have a real-time idea about all the stock stages. This would help the manufacturer to have a proper idea of his finished products. In addition, this would help in waste management.
  • Plan your business: Planning is a crucial part of a successful business. SAP ERP helps the manufacturing business receive the data as per the stages of business. This will help the manufacturer plan accordingly for the future.
  • Reduced material wastage: With the availability of real-time data, the manufacturers can manage the waste by producing as per the consumer’s demand or market.
  • Control your chain: With the help of SAP Business One software solution, it gets easier to manage production, warehousing and stock availability. With this, the entire business chain will be done in a managed way.

Ending Note

In today’s technological advancements, the use of ERP for garment manufacturing units became an essential part of growth. The only thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that your ERP vendor should have great support whenever you’ll face any issue. 

The Megatherm ERP provides SAP solutions for manufacturing businesses, a secure and user-friendly way of managing the business. Business management is very crucial. Additionally, the cost depends on the level of customisation for each user. With ERP solutions, you can give your business wings of freedom.

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MegathermERP is an Authorised SAP Business one partner in Kolkata, India. We offer complete ERP solution in eastern Indiaincluding Kolkata, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and Raipur-Chattishgarh. It is the focus point of our business that we help our customer achieve a robust IT infrastructure so that they can concentrate in their core business without having sleepless nights concerned about IT.

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