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ERP for Jewellery Manufacturing Business-

Are you a in jewelry manufacturing and looking for a huge bloom in your business? Do not worry! MegathermERP provides comprehensive solutions for the manufacturing business. MegathermERP is an oldest SAP company in Kolkata that has successfully built its presence as a leading SAP Business One partner in India.

Is it necessary to have a jewellery ERP system? 

In jewellery ERP system, it convenient to handle complete business back end through ERP software both large and small scale of business. We know usually, the price of jewelry such as gold can change as per the market value, and keep up with the change and SAP ERP help you to track everything easily. As a long runner on this track we have complete solution for your Jewelry manufacturing business.

Tracing back the history of ERP Software

The birth of the software could be dated back to as early as the 1960s. The software has evolved over so many years. The 1980s saw much up-gradation done to the entire system, which helped with various other finance, inventory, and human resource processes. The earlier name of Manufacturing Resource Planning or MRP was renamed to Enterprise Resource Planning at the beginning of the 1990s. Only after the 1990s; the ERP model gets included with extensions to meet the business-specific endeavors.

Understanding ERP better –

As we see the growth in multiple business sectors, ERP has equally experienced exponential growth. It turned out to be an integral part of every business. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is an advanced way of bringing business functions under one strong system. To control and manage all the functions separately could be a tedious task. This is where MegathermERP comes to the rescue. It brings all the functions under one unified system. Further, we will have a brief look at some of the features of the ERP system below.

  • It is responsible for the integration of multiple functions of a business quickly.
  • It is beneficial for accounting and financial management.
  • A great way of inventory management and reducing waste.
  • It can successfully process purchasing and sales processing in a managed way.
  • It helps save a lot of costs with proper analysis and utilisation of the resources.
  • Bring forth reports with all the details of the business.
  • Accessing the data was never this easier. It helps in accessing the data on fingertips.
  • It helps in improving customer satisfaction.
  • The productivity levels of the manufacturer rise.
  • The delivery of products is done easily with proper information.
  • Helpful in planning orders as per the requirement.
  • The daily activities are tracked down easily. This would help in future maintenance plans.

Need of ERP for Jewellery manufacturing Business

Pieces of jewellery are famous among women of all age groups. For this reason, the growth of the jewellery business has touched the sky. The jewellery manufacturers are looking for the best ERP solutions for a manageable business environment.

Megatherm ERM provides ERP support for managing multiple orders with all kinds of nature. This feature enables the manufacturer to be sure of customer satisfaction. The customer can sway away from the worries of their order management. Let us have a look at some of the benefits below.

  • With ERP, the manufacturer will have customized billing software for the shop. As a result, managing bills would get easier.
  • Customer satisfaction is now easier. Building a healthy relationship with the customer can bring a lot of business. Providing them with loyalty programs will be beneficial.
  • The Logo can be edited as per the requirement. Also, all the details of the business could be personalised easily.
  • Filing GST now becomes easy with ERP solutions.
  • With ERP software, multiple stores could be managed from a single place. Tracking the business of all the branches becomes easier now.
  • The jewellery business will now have an online platform. With this, the reach would increase, resulting in better business opportunities.

FAQ related Jewellery ERP

Which is the best software for Jewellery business?

SAP Business One is the best jewellery software in India with Mobile App. You can access complete data of your jewellery business.

How do you maintain Jewellery stock in SAP?

How do you maintain Jewellery stock in SAP?

What is Jewellery ERP?

What is Jewellery ERP?

Ending note

MegathermERP  is an authorize SAP Partner in Kolkata having one of the best jewellery business management software which is ready to deliver. With this software, you can easily minimise the workload and walk towards the path of a flourishing business.

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MegathermERP is an Authorised SAP Business one partner in Kolkata, India. We offer complete ERP solution in eastern Indiaincluding Kolkata, Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and Raipur-Chattishgarh. It is the focus point of our business that we help our customer achieve a robust IT infrastructure so that they can concentrate in their core business without having sleepless nights concerned about IT.

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