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List of payroll outsourcing companies in India

Maintaining in-house payroll management is not only laborious but also expensive. For calculating payroll, a company has to hire experienced staff and buy software in accordance to market legislation. Thus most industries and companies are nowadays preferring to outsource their payroll services. They thus hire an external firm to handle all payroll functions to save time and money. This, in turn, reduces the need for in-house trained payroll staff, purchasing and maintaining appropriate software packages, and staying compliant with updated PAYee legislation.

A large number of firms has thus developed over the time with this growing need. However, choosing the best payroll outsourcing company is important.

Here is a list of the most trusted payroll outsourcing companies in India:

MegathermErp: With its head office situated in Kolkata, MegathermErp, is the new leader of payroll outsourcing companies in India. Be it employee’s salary, allowances, deductions, gross and net pay, etc. Or the generation of pay-slips for a specific period, MegathermErp has a management software for all needs. It prepares extensive reports and saves all data in a common platform making it easy to access by the authority in charge.

Megatherm ERP comes up with an array of specialized and customizable payroll Services like

  • Management and calculation of employee INCOME TAX & TDS, PROFESSIONAL TAX, PROVIDENT FUND
  • Generation of DIGITALLY SIGNED FORM 16
  • Generation Pay-Slip and absentee statement including leave grant
  • Syncing BIOMETRIC DEVICES etc.
  1. ADP Experts: originally an American company, ADP Experts is a renowned name when it comes to human resource, payroll services, talent management, taxing and administration solutions.
  2. People Strong: this Gurgaon based company is making its foothold strong with its RPO, Payroll management solutions etc. With a good database of satisfied clients, this company is taking long strides in recent time.
  3. NGA HR: with offices in more than 50 countries, NGA HR is based in Kochi and Hyderabad in India. They provide an array of regular and customized services of HR, ERP-based payroll engine, cloud-based payroll etc.

Thus MegathermErp is the dream for payroll outsourcing choice of most big as well as medium-sized companies.

Thus, the aforementioned is a list of best companies to choose from, for all your payroll outsourcing needs. Choose the best according to your need to calculate all finances at ease.

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