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Logistics and supply chain with SAP Business One

It is a very alarming fact that according to a study by a well-known market survey company, 7-10% of all retail products remain out of stock at any given time Not only this but 15% on demand and promotional remain out of stock.

Basically, brands hardly get to sell what attracts buyers. This is caused mainly due to the gap generated between demand and supply. Bridging this particular gap is important when it comes to running your business successfully. If the high-demand goods run out of stock very soon then it not only causes face loss of the company but also hinders loyal customers from getting back to the brand for the next collection. 

The supply chain is, therefore, an important part of a business because market demand requires immediate supply.  Manual management of the same is tedious and needs some prohibitory period. Also, predicting the right demand for the future is important for efficient cost management and deciding the best batch size of production. This area, in particular, becomes the error-zone of manual management.

That’s why, every business, big or small needs a real-time supply chain planning software that easily connects stakeholders across your organization and integrates S&OP, demand and supply planning, and inventory optimization. This connectivity facilitates meeting demands quickly and profitably.

 brings to you one of the most efficient ERP software with which you can manage your supply chain without hassles. This ERP with its specially designed integrated supply chain management (SCM) capabilities simplify the entire supply chain process from beginning to end. It collects all your data from all corners of your offices and creates the best plan of work and demand needs.

Megatherm ERP SAP Business One enabled Supply chain ERP software provides comprehensive applications for financial accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, and much more. In a word, it is a complete package for your simplified business needs,

This ERP software enhances your business in terms of logistics and supply chain management by:

Creating Immediate and actionable insights

ERP software provides real-time business intelligence and data analytics tools which provides you with a clear picture of your supply chains at all levels. It tracks the status of your supply chain alongside predicts potential changes, for quick production moves.

Developing an extended supply chain

Knowing your suppliers is not always enough. Take into action the movement of extended suppliers that are suppliers of your supplier to identify every little glitch in your chain. ERP software does this exact job. This management helps in inventory management across multiple locations and subsidiaries, allowing business owners to combine supply chain management processes.

Generating accurate reports and speed materials across the chain for developing a dynamic supply chain

With accurate real-time data in seconds. coordinating directly with your suppliers becomes an easy job. Our ERP software thus helps you keep a detailed knowledge about the status of existing raw materials and plan the next order accordingly. This helps avoid delays and lags. With such a dynamic process controls company adapts to growth, erratic markets, geographical problems, changing customer preference etc.

Track Services Provider

SAP business One is a Flexible software, By which you can track your Supply Chain Service Provider in a specific location. You can track Location, products , Driver, VAN and many more.

Megatherm’s SAP Business One enabled Supply chain ERP software comes with all these and many more amazing business features that assimilate and unifies the needs of distributors and manufacturers quickly. With proper streamlining and optimization of the same with smarter decisions company growth is sure to touch new heights.

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