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Solving warehousing puzzle with SAP Business One

As a business owner as a manufacturer or even as a trader you would realize that the inventory maintenance is a very important part for any business. In case you overstock your products there is a possibility that you are blocking your valuable capital.

On the other hand, maintaining a lower level of stock and under stocking against the demand could mean that you are losing on vital business. Thus you need to maintain the right amount of stocks to ensure maximum profitability for your business. This is where warehousing becomes critical. Therefore the puzzle in regard to warehousing is quite complex. But this needs to be resolved at the same time to ensure that you make the most of the business opportunities available.

The good news is that now with SAP Business One Solutions you can easily resolve the many aspects of the warehousing problem. The following are the ways it can help you:

Helpsto maintain the right inventory levels at the right locations

When you have a large business which is spread across various locations, maintaining multiple warehouses becomes a necessity. One basic aspect of the warehouse puzzle is not only in terms of the location of the warehouse but also to meet the right levels of stock in each.

This is why you need the right information regarding demand in each location and thereby plan out your warehousing accordingly. This you can do only with the right information in regard to the inventory levels. This is what SAP Business One features help you do. Through the right information flow of stock in each warehouse which you can easily have with SAP Business One, you can make the right decisions and thus make the most of it.

Useof Space Matters

Youwould know that space now comes at a very high cost. This is why itvery important that you use the space you are paying for mostefficiently. It is indeed true that the layout design is crucial.However along with the same the visibility of the inventory in yoursystem is equally important if not more. This is what would makeapparent the inter and intra-warehouse movements. This is what SAPBusiness One would enable you to do. Once you know data about theinventory decisions and management becomes much more efficient.

Informationof Stock in Transit

Alongwith the Warehousing, data regarding stocks in transit like the levelof stock, the value and such information is also critical forbusiness and another part of the warehousing puzzle which needs to besolved efficiently. Much of it can be done correctly with the rightinformation. Here again, SAP Business One can help you with somecritical data about the stock in transit and improve the decisionstaken in this regard.

Enhancementof labor efficiency

Whenit comes to warehousing you would realize that there is a substantialamount of labor resources employed. They need to be managed andguided rightly to make labor efficiency high. SAP Business OneSolutions would also enable you to make the right decisions toimprove the efficiency of the labor employed at the warehouses.

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