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Modules of SAP Manufacturing

Being the fourth largest software company globally, SAP has come up with innovations in managing and handling business in a better way. From units like Finance to logistics, supple to demand, management to accountancy, you can get solutions for every single part of your business through this software. SAP designs different modules to make the work process more comfortable than ever.

Commonly these modules can be categorized into two separate sections, functional and technical. Some of the development modules of this software are also important for the function of the businesses.

SAP manufacturing ERP Modules –

  • Financial and accounting– the name says it all related to the various transactions happening with the company and other business enterprises. The employees are bound to keep all the data in place, which may be called for later. Irrespective of the business’s size, the software module helps the data get integrated into a single data sheet to make the process easier for further work.
  • Material Management– it is one of the essential aspects of the manufacturing business as the business depends on the materials and the product manufactured. It includes several sections like ordering, collecting, purchasing raw materials, handling the manufacturing unit’s storage, invoice of all the transactions, and more is done through this module.
  • SAP Controlling => SAP Controlling is an other advanced features of SAP Modules in which user may control the process of works, reporting, and monitoring the operations of a businesses. Through this feature A business owner have option to setup the plan, Track the process and calculate the cost.
  • Quality management- it is as necessary as managing the raw materials. The maintained raw material will ensure the quality of the product manufactured are intact. But the procedure of the making is also responsible along with the handling of products. So this is an essential part of the business to look after, and the software module dedicated to this work is suitable for the purpose.
  • Human Resource and management– you cannot ignore the people working for you. You need to work on the people more with care and generosity. They are the only factor that can make your plan successful and fruitful. Managing people is not the only job; instead of making them dedicated to the business is needed.
  • SAP Production and Planning => This is an other important module through which business owner have option to design the product planning and management. The whole data configured with Master Data where the product transaction, plan procedure for production stored including data, sales, operations, planning, product distribution, requirements of material and product cost stored.
  • Sales and Distribution– is another module that is quite relevant to the business of the manufacturing industry. You need to send the products to the people who have ordered and that too incorrect amount. As an employee, you have to keep data of all these sales and orders and the distribution the company is doing. All these data will be required later for audit and analysis.

FAQ Related SAP Manufacturing-

What is SAP Manufacturing Modules?

In simple terms, If CAR is an ERP Systems then parts of a car are the modules having each parts with its own functions. Same
to manage manufacturing operations and track all record, SAP Business One is providing data and supporting processes to assist employees to performing their job and to delivers a single source of reliable data every module connects to the ERP system.

What are the key features of manufacturing ERP system?

To manage complex manufacturing process SAP designed a ERP System having following features-
1. Inventory Tracking
2. Quality Control
3. Accounts Management
4. Effective Distribution and Planning
5. Production Management
6. Warehouse Management
7. Project Life-Cycle Management

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