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Modules Included in SAP Business One

SAP Business One or SAP B1 is a business management software developed by SAP. SAP business one software contains different modules and sub modules for user to manage core data of business operations. All modules contain different operations for managing small and medium size business efficiently to grow your business worldwide.

What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One may be a enterprise resource planning software for little and medium sized businesses that has various modules which might be accessed by the users. These modules are basically various functionality sets and are integrated to bring more visibility, efficiency and productivity.

What does it mean by modules in SAP Business One?

SAP Business One may be a functionality sets group for business process that are managed by technical department. These modules are accessed individually but are integrated together in order that operational processes is formed more efficient along side the info management.

It isn’t sort of a software solutions that need you to select and include the modules consistent with your wish but SAP Business One modules are included and available for users with knowledgeable license key.

What modules are included in SAP Business One?

These are the subsequent modules included in SAP Business One mentioned below-

  1. Administration: Create New Company, Choose Company, Exchange Rates and Indexes, System Initialization, General Setup, Change Password, Financial Setup, Sales Opportunities Setup, Purchasing Setup, Business Partners Setup, Payment Term Settings, Banking Settings, Inventory Setup, Bin location Setup, Resource Setup, Service Setup, Data Import & Export, Utilities, Approval Procedures (Stages, Templates), Approval Procedures Reports, License Administration, Add-on Manager, Add-on Administration, Mobile Add-on, Alerts Management, Workflow Manager, Workflow Instance, Work list and Tracking.
  2. Financials:Chart of Accounts, Edit Chart of Accounts, Account Code Generator, Journal Entry, Journal Vouchers, Posting Templates & Recurring Postings, Reverse Transactions, Exchange Rate Differences, Conversion Differences, Financial Report Templates, Document Printing, Journal Voucher Report, Fixed Assets, Internal Reconciliations, Budget Setup, Cost Accounting, Intrastat, Financial Reports and Dashboards.
  3. CRM: Business Partners Master Data, Activity, Campaign Generation Wizard, Campaign, Opportunity, Sales Quotation, Sales Order, CRM Reports and Dashboards.
  4. Opportunities: Create Sales Opportunity, Sales Opportunities Reports and Dashboards.
  5. Sales Report: A/R: Sales Blanket Agreement, Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery, Return Request, Return, A/R Down Payment Request, A/R Down Payment Invoice, A/R Invoice, A/R Invoice + Payment, A/R Credit Memo, A/R Reserve Invoice, Document Generation Wizard, Recurring Transactions & Templates, Document Printing, Dunning Wizard, Sales Reports and Dashboards, A/R Correction Invoice & Reversal, A/R Monthly Invoice, A/R Export invoice, A/R Exempt Bill, A/R Debit memo, Excise Invoice.
  6. Purchasing Documents: A/P: Purchase Blanket Agreement, Purchase Request, Purchase Quotation, Purchase Order, Goods Receipt PO, Goods Return Request, Goods Return, A/P Down Payment Request, A/P Down Payment Invoice, A/P Invoice, A/P Credit Memo, A/P Reserve Invoice, Recurring Transactions & Templates, Landed Costs, Procurement Confirmation Wizard, Purchase Quotation Generation Wizard, Document Printing, Purchasing Reports and Dashboards, A/P Correction Invoice & Reversal, A/P Monthly Invoice, Excise Invoice, A/P Debit Memo
  7. Business Partners: Management of leads, customers and vendors along side their respective address and get in touch with details.
  8. Banking: Incoming Payments, Deposits, Outgoing Payments, Payment Wizard, Bank Statements and External Reconciliations, Check Number Confirmation, Document Printing, Banking Reports and Dashboards, Bill of Exchange.
  9. Inventory: Item Master Data, Serial Numbers & Batches, Define Bar codes, Bin Location Master Data, Bin Location Management, Bin Location Code Modification, Alternative Items, Business Partner Catalog Numbers, Inventory Valuation Method, Good Receipts, Good Issues, Stock Transfer Request, Stock Transfer, Recurring Transactions & Templates, Inventory Opening Balances, Tracking, Posting, Inventory Counting, Cycle Count Recommendations, Inventory Revaluation, Price Lists, Pick Pack and Production Manager, Inventory Reports and Dashboards.
  10. Resources: Contains resource master data and resource capacity planning
  11. Production: Bill of Materials, Bill of Materials – Component Management, Production Order, Procurement Confirmation Wizard, Receipt from Production, Issue from Production, Update Parent Item Prices Globally, Production Std Cost Management, Production Reports Dashboards.
  12. Price: there’s a choice to control inputs of demand so as to make recommendations for manufacturing and buy .
  13. Service: Controls service contracts, customer equipment cards, service calls, and field service management.
  14. Project Management: Contains projects, project tasks and issues, and project financial summaries.
  15. Human Resources: Controls employee attendance and master data.
  16. Reports: Contains out of the box reports across all modules.
  17. General: Form Settings, Calendar, Messages/ Alert Overview, Formatted Search, Create User-defined Fields & Tables, Use User-defined Fields & Tables, Drag & Relate, My Menu, Search, Multiple Branches.
  18. Version for SAP HANA: Pervasive Analytics – Dashboard Designer, Cash Flow Forecasting, Advanced Availability to Promise, Enterprise Search.
  19. SAP Others: Bank Transaction Handling Facility, Copy Express, DATEV FI Interface, DTW, ELSTER Electronic Tax Return, Electronic File Manager, Microsoft Outlook Integration, Payment Engine, Screen Painter, XL Reporter.
  20. SAP Mobility [Mobile]: Mobile Application, SAP Business One Sales, SAP Business One Service, IPad specific-Sales Catalog.
  21. Analytics: KPIs, Dashboards, Advanced Dashboards, Excel Report and Interactive Analysis, Analytical Portal.

FAQs Related SAP Business One Modules-

What is the purpose of SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is a single, cost-effective solution for running your complete small business, from accounting and finances through purchasing, inventory, sales, and customer relationships, as well as reporting and analytics…Read More

What are the difference between SAP and SAP Business One?

It is quite difficult to say absolutely which software is superior in the SAP Business One vs. SAP ERP comparison. The main distinctions between these products have been highlighted in this SAP Business One versus SAP ERP Comparison, but mainly in terms of functions and features….Read More

What is included in SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is a SAP-developed application for small and medium-sized businesses that allows you to manage all of your business operations in one place. It allows you to access all of your business information in one location. This business program also gives you more control over all aspects of your organisation. It will also assist you in identifying and removing business bottlenecks, as well as eliminating time-consuming and ineffective business processes…Read More

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