SAP Business One Payroll Module

SAP business one is one of the most popular ERP software chosen globally and it is flexible with any category of business like payroll management, trading business management, Product management, retail management and many more. Its simple language , accurate, fast, flexible and user-friendly programming have made it a popular choice among most industry houses.

In base of payroll management SAP B1 is the best software in all because SAP Business one brings many feature in a very compact manner and solve most of complexity for managing company accounts.

SAP B1 payroll help to calculate accurate routine salary data along with all types of reimbursements and provisions. It seamlessly integrates with the HR and General Ledger module of SAP Business One.

Here is the payroll module which is handle by SAP B1

  1. Employee Management
  2. Bio-metrics/Swipe integration
  3. Time-sheet Management
  4. Employee Loans
  5. Organization Management to define Master Data Layers.
  6. Payroll Setups (Single / Multiple Payroll types)
  7. Payroll Elements Setups (Allowances, Deductions, Contributions)
  8. Loans & Advances Management
  9. Overtime Setups & Management
  10. G/L Determination & Integration (Company Level, Department Level or Location Level)
  11. Tax Setups (This option varies from country to country)
  12. Leaves Allocation & Management
  13. Salary Processing & Audit (2 Steps Process)
  14. Journal Entry Preview & Posting
  15. Employee Resignation
  16. Employee End of Services

With all these services and much more SAP business one payroll module offers an array of useful benefits that help solve all legal, tax hassles and also helps take care of employee well being. This, in turn, helps in the future expansion of business etc.