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Phases of ERP Implementation

Phases of SAP ERP Implementation-

Every company or institution needs a system that manages all its internal and external resources, physical assets, financial resources, materials and human resources (or staff). But it cumbersome to manage all these manually.

Here lies the importance of the Enterprise Resource Planning or the ERP. ERP is an integrated software system used for such purposes. however,  two ERP projects are the same.  Various sectors need various types of management system.

MegathermERP understands these respective needs and has designed its SAP enabled ERP to suit the need and purpose of various sectors. Although different, all ERP software has the basic implementation phases.

These 10 phases Check-list of SAP ERP Implementation-


Choosing the Right ERP Selection

It is best to keep the employees with the best communicative skills and experience in this section, as these people will need to communicate with all other divisions well before finalizing the company’s ER system. Also, basic knowledge of every section is important for the swift flow of data and understanding of the requirement.
Include personal from all sections like Key Representation Areas Production, Maintenance, Quality, Scheduling / Planning, Customer service, IT, Finance and Sales / Marketing. Also, do not forget to add at least one person who has prior knowledge of working with ERP implementation. In other cases, you may also appoint a consultant to handle this.

You can begin working once your team has been selected. Be wise enough to lay a strong foundation.

Goals Determination

Understand where your company needs the most attention and choose your ERP package from the currently over 165 different options available for ERP accordingly at the beginning.  Based on this determine your budget and time span((for planning, trial, training, and implementation) as ERP implementation comes in stages and not all at once.

Selecting the Best Organization

After penning down your exact needs, get to the best ERP company that meets with your demands with the most competitive price. Reach out to unbiased reviews at the independent websites like g2crowd or Capterra. Get a trial from shortlisted companies.

A plan as per your needs

once decided, implement the ERP software to get the best results for your business. Choose from the standard implementation theories like Big Bang Implementation, Parallel Implementation, and Phased Rollout in accordance to your time frame, budget and staff ease.

Preparations for Successful ERP Implementation

Incorporating all the existing correctly and accurately is important, for the success of ERP.this procedure required time and preparations from all the divisions of the company. Intra and well as inter-department communication and relevant training is required.

Training If Required

The right operator is needed for the smooth working of the ERP after inclusion of all data. For this, there is a need for intensive training, often attended by the personals of IT department(as well as people of other departments). They need to be hands-on ready with all the working principles of the ERP software chosen as, the company will not be able to withstand even a day’s delay in case of any dispute, once the ERP software gets successfully installed.


once all the data are put up and training are complete there lies a period of trial and error, where not only does the trainee enhance their just learned skills but also fixes the best working schedule of the ERP software including routine operations and various infrequent scenarios, to suit the need of the company. This phase takes some time and this time is generally advised to be given for avoiding future complications.

ERP Going Live:

With all preparations set and done, it is now time to actually run the ERP for real business. However, keep your expectations realistic. Do not expect the ERP software to meet up with 100% efficiency. Output will be low initially, but will meet up with time. Plan your business timings accordingly beforehand. Documentation of all concerns at this stage is important along with open communication with all departments for quicker resolve of issues.

Postoperative Feedback & Evaluation:

once the plan is in action, wait for some time for all to adjust with the new change and actually understand its advantages and flaws. Talk to your staffs one-on-one or with the team leaders to get feedback of staff satisfaction and difficulties with the newly installed ERP software. This will help you look out for the small knick-knacks and solve it for the benefit of your company.

ERP Support

lastly, after all, is done, get linked to a good support team, with experts to address and resolve all your ERP issues in no time and with efficiency. ERP software can be unpredictable and become faulty out of the blue. But a company can never deal with stopped ERP. Thus a good backup support team is extremely important for the constant smooth running of your ERP.


MegathermERP brings to you all these facilities at no extra cost. Our team of dedicated experts helps you with all issues all time, as we just do not believe in selling you our SAP enabled ERP software but all your company’s well being.

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