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Project Management Software for Small Business

Project Management Software is a well suited for large scale projects, especially in the public sector, because of high transaction costs and long payback times. Today in digital age the requirement of Project Management ERP for any small or big business become higher in Demand.

SAP Business One develop an ERP for Project Management software that addresses issues with business accounts, product manufacturing, warehousing, dispatch, product export-import, loading-unloading, tendering, and many more.

The MegathermERP SAP Business One is an authorized SAP business partner Kolkata, provides SAP ERP software solutions for companies based in India for the project management industry live in Eastern India like Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam, Chhattisgarh and North Bengal.

Is it necessary to have a Project Management Software?

In project management ERP, It convenient to handle complete business back end through the software both large and small scale. We know usually, the price of project may change as per the market value, and keep up with the change and SAP ERP help you to track everything easily. As a long runner on this track we have complete solution for your project management business.

What is project management? 

Project management is the application of skills, techniques, knowledge, and tools to a diverse range of activities for meeting the business goal of a particular project. For successful completion of a particular project, it needs to be broken down into bite-sized sections as well as mapped with resources of various skillsets in an applicable manner.

Benefits of a project management ERP software

  • Provides better control as well as visibility over project costs
  • Increases internal communication within the project
  • Helps to complete the project within the targeted time successfully
  • Helps to increase customer satisfaction and profitability as well
  • Reduces inefficiencies as well as project management costs
  • Helps to optimize the use of valuable resources such as machinery and manpower
  • Offers better accuracy of financial quotes and service-based estimates

Salient features of a project management ERP software

  • Planning of projects
  • Project administration and proper control
  • Planning of the project proceeding to make sure the seamless availability of resources and to avoid time-wastage and resource leakage
  • Ensure project security and resource visibility
  • Managing resources of the project end-to-end
  • Defining, recording, and tracking all key resources including men and machines required in the project
  • Managing access rights for the team involved in the project to confirm user-level security and protect unauthorized access
  • Defining multiple jobs of a project effectively with a scheduled sequence of execution
  • Recording and tracking of details regarding the project progress, performance, and milestones covered
  • Analyzing and recognizing the risks and issues involved in the project and dealing with them predictably
  • Defining project budget effectively
  • Effectively classifying cost centers
  • Recording account-based project expenses and revenues along with the consolidated budget of the project

Why SAP ERP For Project Management Software?

  • Centralized dashboard to control multiple functions – A centralized dashboard serves as a hub that allows you to view and control every operation and department including production, quality control, supply chain, finance, sales, HR, marketing, warehouse, and shop floors among others.   
  • Real-time tracking – ERP solutions for project management offer a real-time tracking facility by which you can track shipping, warehouse, and shop floors automatically without any manual up-gradation hassles.   
  • Accuracy – By using a centralized data resource that eliminates data redundancy, each and every authorized user can access accurate data from anywhere in the world, making it highly beneficial for productivity, decision making, and improving communications with suppliers, vendors, coworkers, and customers.  .   
  • Product Quality check: With an additional software solution of SAP business one, you can be assured of an enhanced quality check of the products. There are parameters for each manufacturing business. The ERP meets the needs required for the parameters set.
  • Better time management: Time is a precious asset for all manufacturing businesses. With SAP ERP, it becomes easier to manage time and minimize the overall time required for initiating any specific decision for the business. The business is initiated in real-time.
  • Monitor your stock easily: To have proper control of the stock availability is crucial. SAP ERP, the manufacturers, can have a real-time idea about all the stock stages. This would help the manufacturer to have a proper idea of his finished products. In addition, this would help in waste management.
  • Plan your business: Planning is a crucial part of a successful business. SAP ERP helps the manufacturing business receive the data as per the stages of business. This will help the manufacturer plan accordingly for the future.
  • Reduced material wastage: With the availability of real-time data, the manufacturers can manage the waste by producing as per the consumer’s demand or market.
  • Control your chain: With the help of SAP Business One software solution, it gets easier to manage production, warehousing and stock availability. With this, the entire business chain will be done in a managed way.

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