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10 Crucial Questions to Ask Your SAP Support Provider

YES! This is a big decision that you are going to take for managing your business and growing your business on world level so It better to think multiple tiles while selecting a SAP Company for It.

Once you decided to outsource SAP support services, it’s worth knowing who can be potentially the best fit for you as well as your business. You should involve an SAP support provider who can fulfil your business goals providing perfect supports and high-quality services in all areas of SAP.

You’ll need to choose a trusted and reliable SAP support provider who has an in-depth knowledge of industry trends and can clearly understand your business needs. To select the best fit SAP partner for your business within your budget, you’ll need to have an in detailed discussion with each of the sorted SAP service provider.

Megatherm ERP is at top in the list of authorised SAP business one partner in India and offers an international standards SAP support solution for diverse types of businesses at very competitive and affordable cost. Contact us to avail of our high quality and experienced SAP support solutions.

Here’s a list of 10 questions you should definitely ask an SAP support provider –

1. Do you have the right talent pool with SAP-certified consultants?

Choosing an SAP support provider with the right talent pool is as essential as the process of recruiting the perfect employees for a company. The right talent pool involves certified SAP support consultants with professional skills and expertise that cover the entire SAP landscape. Professional and qualified SAP support expertise should obviously include cross-industry and cross-functional experiences.

2. Do you follow the latest industry trends?

A professional SAP support partner should have the latest technology, stable infrastructure, telecommunication capabilities, and hassle-free communication channels for fulfilling SAP operations efficiently. Daily seamless communication between the hiring organization and the SAP support provider ensures proper cooperation and issue management.

3. How is the cultural compatibility of the SAP support provider?

You should also look over other critical aspects such as cultural fit, shared values and priorities, and relationship building. A well cultural fit will help you to build a good relationship and easily tackle incompatibilities, thus creating a long-lasting partnership.

4. What is your standardized process flow for IT governance, risk management, incident management, and accountability?

A standard framework of governance methodology, incident management, change management, risk management, and accountability, improves the efficiency of SAP operations management and helps you reduce operating costs along with high-security levels. An experienced SAP support provider enables a single point of access for risk management and accountability.

5. What are the different types of SAP support do you offer? And what are the prices?

SAP support providers need to offer diverse delivery models to ensure the deployment of the best services in a cost-effective manner and suitable to the needs of the organizations. Besides, cost alone shouldn’t be a declining factor for choosing the right delivery model. The success or failure of offshore, onshore, or hybrid models widely depends on selecting the right support provider.

6. What kind of commitments do you provide in terms of SLAs, metrics, and performance evaluations?

Outsourcing an SAP support provider doesn’t relax you from fulfilling your own responsibilities to your customers. However, performance metrics and SLAs should be well crafted and mutually considered. These points should be recorded and monitored on a regular basis to optimize further in the coming future.

7. How many projects have you fulfilled in the last 5 years?

Efficiency, quality, and reliability come from the years of experience in the field of SAP and SAP-oriented solutions. The more experience an SAP support provider can gather, the better.

8. Currently, how many customers do you provide SAP supports?

As an indicator more customers under a support service provider clearly indicate that the service provider has developed some proven systems and processes. This may allow the SAP support partner to set up a large consultant base, which may result in a lesser cost for the customers.

9. Do you have enough infrastructure and system to transfer to SAP S/ 4 HANA in the coming future?

Experience in migrating and implementing to other technologies is obviously an advantage of expertise in the SAP support solutions. Therefore, before finalizing your SAP support provider, make sure the service provider has enough infrastructure and experience to migrate to nearer technologies such as SAP S / 4 HANA in both, cloud versions and on-premise.

10. Do you offer extra services beyond the contracted support service?

Most SAP service provides offer affiliated services such as development and functional consulting. The aim is to understand the scope of these services and the quality of engagement.

Most SAP service provides offer affiliated services such as development and functional consulting. The aim is to understand the scope of these services and the quality of engagement.

These are a few common questions you should definitely ask an SAP support provider before finalising the deal. But this set of questions aren’t written on the stone or a mandatory format of choosing an SAP support provider, you can create your own question inventory and ask your service provider as per your business type and requirements.

Megatherm ERP has industry leading SAP support expertise pool and offer a superlative SAP support service solution for any type of business including manufacturing, retail, dairy, FMCG, and more.

As an authorised SAP business one partner, Megatherm ERP is dedicated to improving the support service experiences of SAP support customers through continued stretching and strengthening our customer base and optimising our support services to meet our customer requirements. Contact us for any kind of help.

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