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How to use SAP Business One productively in a Challenging Economy?

How to use SAP Business One productively in a Challenging Economy?

To survive business in the post corona times, your company needs to be the most efficient than ever. Just cutting costs isn’t the solution for improved efficiency. But at the same time you need to save money wherever possible in a very smart way without being harsh.
You need to develop a corona proof approach in your business to protect your business from economic crisis. You should always take data driven decisions using SAP B1 ERP software instead of copying other’s business strategy blindly. This smart approach you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors.

Based on my own experience I have seen companies successfully sustaining during economic crisis using SAP Business One…

Tips to use SAP Business One for Your Business in COVID Situation

Digitize your order entry by 100%

If your customers still email or call you to place orders, you need to quickly provide your customers another option to order. Your customers are at home and need to be able to communicate with you in different ways.

All the orders should be entered in the system automatically like using a web portal connected to SAP Business One, an online shopping cart option like Amazon to make the most of your resources.

This will optimise employee time and also improve 100% order accuracy. Instead of saving money by not investing in any software, but with implementation of SAP B1 ERP your company more efficient and profitable, in the long run.

Activate Key Performance Indictors (KPIs)

With SAP Business One, you have access to many tools and dashboards to keep the data that is most important to you in view at any time. If you haven’t created alerts or dashboards, now is the time to do this or contact a Consultant to help.

Data points will continue to change daily. To be an agile decision-maker, you can’t stick your head in the sand. You need instant access to the KPIs specific to your organisation.

Try to adjust your SAP processes/workflows to follow social distancing –

In this post covid times, social distancing norms should be strictly followed even after physical business spaces re-open. For example, if your company has warehouse or manufacturing operations; you will have to make the warehouse layout or production area adhere to social distancing.

Althought it may sound simple to you, but it can badly affect your company’s “day to day” basic operations. Some examples to think about include physical workspace spacing, sharing PCs amongst employees or using shared printers for key reports.

Support for MEgathermERP

MegathermERP is always there for your company to structure your ‘new normal’ business operations. We can leverage the power of correct technology to get the specific job done.

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