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SAP Business One software price in India

SAP B1 Software costing are depends upon many factors because SAP ERP software is developed as per Industry requirement and It needs customization as per customer requirement. So SAP B1 ERP software price is always negotiable because your requirement may be differ from other.

We received minimum 10 call everyday for implementing SAP software to his/her business and almost all ask the first question that “how much the implementation cost”. So today I am sharing few tips regarding this topic for optimize the SAP b1 software costing.

SAP Business One Software Cost At MegathermErp

MegathermERP comes up with one of the best SAP b1 implementation software in India and provides the same at an extremely low price to suit the budget of all. MegathermERP’s SAP B1 is, therefore, a must for all company and industry houses not only for ease of operation but also for the utmost safety and security of data.

Be it any ERP software (Trading, Manufacturing, Dairy, Retail or Extrusion), our software customization and AMC cost are also negotiable so overall costing of SAP B1 Software is affordable.   

SAP Business One Approx Cost Per Month –

Business Category1 User Cost/Month in Rs2 User Cost/Month in Rs3 User Cost/Month in Rs4 User Cost/Month in Rs
Manufacturing23,500+4200 = 27,700/-23,500+8,400 =31,900/-23,500+12,600 =36,100/-23500+16,800= 40,300/-
Dairy24,100+4200 =28,300/-24,100+ 8400=32,500/-24,100+12’600 =36,70024,100+16,800= 40900
19,800+12,600 = 32,400/-19,800 +16,800 =
Trading22,300 +4200 = 26,50022,300+8,400
= 30,700/-
22,300 +16,800
FMCG26,800 +4200 =31,00026,800+8,400
= 35,200

Optimise SAP Business One Software Cost:

Other than just the primary and most visible cost is the cost of the licenses and annual maintenance there are few other factors that incur certain costs as well.

Features like implementation, data migration, reporting customisation and hardware bring along additional costs.

However, if your company has in house cloud deployment for managing these then the cost of SAP B1 gets reduced.

Depending Factors for SAP B1 Software Cost:

  • Number of users using SAP Business One
  • Single or multiple company set-up
  • How many modules or functional areas will get covered
  • Single or multi-country set-up
  • Single or multi-warehouse
  • The requirement of non-standard reports
  • Requirement of SAP Business One mobility app
  • integration required to any third-party applications
  • The requirement of SAP SDK or SAP B1iF development work
  • data conversion requirements
  • requirement of user-specific documentation  etc

Types of SAP Business One Software Licence:

There are also various types of user packs available for small, medium and big scale industries. These help in reducing costs such as:

SAP Business One Starter Pack Licenses: Small businesses with 1 to 5 users can benefit from this type of license. It is a “lite” version of SAP Business One which includes areas like accounting, sales orders, item management, and purchasing but not service or manufacturing.

Professional Licenses or Limited Licenses: Medium or big businesses with 10 or more users can benefit from this type of license. One can utilize the full functionality of SAP Business One, you have to choose these two licenses.

Typically the Professional License costs around 99,000 INR while the Logistic/CRM/Finance License costs around 50,000 INR. Additionally, AMC for SAP is 17%. However, the cost varies depending on the above-mentioned factors and also from a vendor to another vendor

Question And Answer related SAP ERP Pricing :

Why SAP is Expensive?

As we know SAP B1 provides a clear picture of your entire business and it control the every aspect of your business operations including sales and customer management, purchase and Inventory control, Business Intelligence Management and also Analytics and Reporting. All these operations required high security and maintenance cost. Also it’s contamination is not an easy task. That is why SAP Business one is costly.

Is SAP Costing depending upon Location?

Yes! Some time! Actually costing is mainly depending upon it’s customisation but some time it depends upon location also because if developer are out of your city in that case cost may be increase. But It is always hidden.

Should You Switch to a New SAP ERP Solution?

This is all about your business and it’s growth so better to ask yourself that “Is it the best time to switch to a new SAP ERP software?”. As you know SAP is the best erp software in the world for managing functions of an organisation and it’s latest version 6.0 come with advanced features. So If your current ERP software holding back the growth of your business then it’s really a good time to think about.

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