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Is Your Dairy Process Still running without SAP ERP?

India as a country has a very vast business in agriculture or farming in which dairy farming covers a major portion. Experts have, indeed, estimated the country’s need for dairy up to 200 m tons of milk by 2021. In the last years, however, the national dairy industry has struggled with technical and logistic challenges, employing numerous, poorly connected farmers without a unified paying-system or fixed quality-standards.

Needless to say, demands for help were heard from different sides of the producer’s union when SAP stepped in to find a solution through a co-innovative Design Thinking approach. A research project was initiated, in order to gain a thorough understanding of the struggles and needs of all involved parties, as well as to map out technology solutions to enable and optimise the supply process. The main goal was to create a common and smoothly operating work flow.

In the most basic sense, ERP software is a tool that centralises a company’s database of information, automates routine tasks and simplifies business processes. The end-goal in using this software is to optimise operations and free up employee time so they can work on more instinctual tasks. These objectives can lead to an increase in revenue margins and efficiencies while improving communication across the company.

Advantages of having SAP ERP in your dairy process-

  1. Accounting – The functionality that’s included in an accounting program differs depending on the vendor that you go with. This is why it’s important to keep factors such as your company’s specific needs, business size, and software budget in mind when selecting the system that’s right for you. Because finding the right vendor for your organization can be so difficult, we at https://www.megathermerp.co.in/ help with all the needs of our customers and they can find appropriate vendors for them.
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)– By definition, it covers all the ways you manage customer relationships across sales, marketing, customer service, and e-commerce. With CRM software, you can automate and integrate these customer-facing activities. Best-in-class systems also offer tools for customer analytics, personalization, social media, collaboration, and more.
  3. Manufacturing – There are a few crucial factors to consider when selecting the manufacturing ERP system that’s right for your business. You should analyze elements such as deployment method, operational needs, your company’s budget, industry and size. These components can make or break manufacturing ERP vendors on your shortlist.
  4. Inventory Management– Putting together an inventory storage system that not only keeps things organized but also optimized for distribution is a daunting task. Luckily, inventory management includes features focused on doing these exact things.
  5. Analytics and Reporting– ERP makes it very easy to perform analytics in few clicks since the software is a tool that centralizes a company’s database of information, automates routine tasks and simplifies business processes it helps in analysis of the company’s data and manage other resources in the easiest ways.

MegathermERP helps you with all your problems, it provides you the best solution for SAP dairy ERP and you can centralise your business in the simplest way be it of any size, small or big things are just a few clicks away.

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