The problems solved by SAP HANA during the data transfer

Let’s first get into what is SAP HANA?

Megatherm has observed that SAP HANA has been SAP’s most powerful technology development in the recent years and almost all SAP products published after SAP HANA have extensive integration capability in this network.

We should understand that SAP HANA is more than a modern database. We can say it’s a premise or cloud-based in-memory data system that helps to fasten your operational activities. By providing more predictive analytics with dedicated technologies and managing your organisational functions more quickly SAP HANA simplifies your entire work process.

Why do you need SAP HANA?

Exchange of large datasets between SAP Business One is one of the basic and most important activity. Exchange of crucial Business Data, might be in multiple TB accurately is a very difficult job. To ease this critical task we often use DTW (Data Transfer Wizard) in SAP Business One.

It allows transferring of data in simple CSV Format. The data can be exported from SAP B1 or can be imported using that CSV format and DTW tool.

Common issues in SAP HANA

But there are some problems might occur during the file transfer process , like-

a) Memory management of DTW is not optimal.
b) After hours of exchange process running, DTW consumes almost total RAM of the server/client.
c) Infact, the transfer process slows down and stops responding further.