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What is SAP ABAP?

What is SAP ABAP?

ABAP refers to Advanced Business Application Programming, is a highly effective programming language created by German software company SAP that helps big corporations customising SAP ERP. ABAP helps corporations to customize workflows for asset management, financial accounting, material management, among other modules of SAP. 

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Businesses use SAP ABAP for a variety of facilities. Here’re a few reasons why businesses use SAP ABAP –

  • Developers use SAP ABAP for developing the SAP R3 platform.
  • It’s a very easy to learn and simple programming language.
  • SAP customers can also improve their SAP-based applications through ABAP.
  • You can choose from object-oriented and procedural programming.
  • You can create custom interfaces and reports.
  • Programmers can easily use ABAP for customizing SAP ERP.

Types of SAP ABAP Programs

SAP ABAP programs can be either an executable unit or a library that is reusable code.

ABAP executable programs are 2 types –

  • Module pools
  • Reports

Non-executable programs can be many types –

  • Subroutine pools
  • Include modules
  • Function groups
  • Interfaces type pools
  • Object classes

SAP ABAP Workbench

ABAP workbench is widely used by SAP developers for developing standard custom ERP applications. It’s also used for creating dictionary objects.

SAP ABAP has many components including –

  • ABAP Dictionary – this is mainly used for maintaining Dictionary objects. 
  • ABAP Editor – this component is mainly used for maintaining programs.
  • ABAP Respiratory Browser – it helps to display a hierarchical structure of the components.
  • ABAP Screen Painter – it helps to maintain the screen components of an online program.
  • ABAP Menu Painter – it helps to develop GUI, including toolbars and menu bars.
  • ABAP Respiratory Information System – it stores information regarding development and runtime objects, such as data models, table structures, functions, and programs.
  • ABAP Data Modeler – this component helps in graphical modeling.
  • ABAP Function Builder – this tool helps to create and maintain function modules and function groups.
  • ABAP Workbench organizer – it helps developers to manage multiple development projects for distribution.

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