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Who plays a major role in the Security of SAP Systems?

In this digital business era, cyber threats should be a concern for organisations. Smart business leaders should operational their SAP cyber security strategy. By the end of this blog, you’ll get the needed answers to clear the confusion around the division of responsibilities, who should own SAP security, and how SAP security gets operationalized within the organisation. This blog is written to provide the needed insight into SAP systems to understand the reality of the risk posture and to ultimately protect the business.

Let’s take a look at the key factors mentioned below-

  • No one function is most accountable for SAP security When asked about which function is the most accountable for ensuring the security of SAP systems, applications and processes, the answers from respondents were all over the map.
  • No one person in an organisation is accountable for an SAP breach When asked who in an organisation would be the most accountable in the event of an SAP breach, there was a very clear divide in perception:
  • It would take up to a year to detect an SAP breach When asked how soon it would take to detect a security breach within the SAP platform, only 1/4 th of the company felt confident to detect such a breach immediately.

Overall, there is a lot of work to be done by organisations in order to transform SAP security activities. SAP applications are among the most valuable assets an organisation has. These systems are responsible for maintaining most critical business processes and data in which the organisation depends upon including tangible assets, customer data, financial records and personal records.

Currently, there’s a gap between those who are primarily responsible for SAP itself and those who are responsible for the overall security of an organisation. Security teams, and executives need to work together to understand that proper security of SAP systems needs to be an equal effort.

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