How to work with multiple branches through SAP Business One

Is preparing consolidated reports and tracking all process progress from all your branches becoming hectic? Is managing all data from your company’s multiple branches becoming a time-consuming issue? Then its time that you implement Megatherm’s SAP Business One enabled ERP software. Megatherm introduces its ERP software that works perfectly for companies that have that have multiple branches.

With Megatherm’s SAP Business One enabled ERP software you can manage all data from all your branches provided you are operating in a country where it is not essential for you to register as a separate entity for every branch.

Megatherm’s ERP software allows automatic allocation of transactions to a branch using user defaults. Thus managing accounts and generating financial reports per branch becomes way easier.

Set up multiple branches functionality

Assign warehouse for inventories and allocate warehouse for each branch. This makes the process way easier. Get in touch with your technical personnel for detailed guidance on this.


  • Replicate of master data – View the same data, at the same time with the multiple branches functionality of Megatherm’s SAP Business One enabled ERP software
  • Multi-currency support – Avoiding financial data discrepancies can be achieved by recording inter-branch transactions in both local and foreign currencies with multiple branches function with Megatherm’s ERP software
  • Supply chain visibility – This is perhaps the most important benefit of Megatherm’s multiple branch ERP software. Get a real-time view of all stock levels and order inventories based on demand across all warehouses.
  • Marketing collaboration – marketing strategies can be unified and need of duplicity for multiple branches can be easily avoided with one data interface function of Megatherm’s ERP software.

Thus the benefits of Megatherm’s SAP Business One enabled multiple branch ERP software can become a long list. However, the mere installation of the same is not enough. Skilled employees are required to implement these facilities and make the most of the software for reaching new heights of success.