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Retail ERP Software

SAP Retail ERP Software for Big, Medium or Small Business

MegathermErp is the leader for provideing SAP Retail ERP software in India so if you are looking for retail ERP software then connect with MegathermERP. We offer this software at affordable cost with free implementation cost and one year support service. We can fight with price in India for dealing this software and offer it at competitive price from market.

Retail ERP plays a crucial role in implementing the dimensions and facet of a retail business. Let your company be big, medium or small, a smart and robust software featuring all aspects of a company is an absolute must. It is the right Retail ERP software integrates all data and related processes of any organization thereby compiling all necessary documents under one file. ERP thus makes the internal transactions easy. Over time, Retail ERP has become a competitive tool for both small and big business houses. "The better ERP system, the smarter the operation."

Why SAP for Retail ERP?

As we know SAP is the better solution to manage business operation for your small or big business. In toady’s modern retail operation requires a huge amount of documentation of each stage. It is not possible to maintain this kind data error free. In addition to that if an error occours in any of the stage of the operation then it is nearly impossible to recover in such a time bounded period. To deliver you a hassle free retail operation SAP ERP plays a major role over other ERP solution available in the market.

ERP for retail Company

Features of SAP Retail Erp

Megatherm ERP provides an automated 360 solution for a retail business operation from sales to logistics, taxation to warehousing, accounts to costing which covers every detailed component of a business structure. To achieve an increased sales turnover by automating your operational structure you just have to integrate your business with our ERP software.

Modules of SAP Retail ERP

Retail Outlet Management

You can automate unlimited number of retail outlets by managing the entire operational cycle in a single place.

Deep Digging

  • Point of Sales wise costing
  • Branch wise costing.
  • Shop wise warehouse control.
  • Return of rejected material
  • Maintenance of Vendor wise Item
  • Categorisation of different items.
  • Placed for Quality Checking
  • Creation of central warehouse for incoming material
Retail Purchase Management

Megatherm ERP facilitates all planning activities and strategies as per the need of the situation for increased sales turnover. The ERP system helps to identify the best supplier for the purchase and also help decide the best price with respect to the competitors.

  • Maintenance of Vendor Master
  • Maintenance of Purchase Enquiry, if require
  • Maintenance of Purchase Quotation, if require
  • Purchase Quotation Comparison, if require
  • Maintenance of Purchase Order
  • Different reports related to Purchase Order
Supply Chain and Vendor Management

End-to-end supply, shipping of products demands the involvement of large database. Megatherm ERP potentially manages it all with great efficiency. lead time, the performance comparison of various vendors is important for better profitability of the retail business, which is managed efficiently by our ERP system.

  • Maintenance of gate entry register
Incoming Quality Management:

Keeping a right track of inventory is important for business monitoring and growth. ERP constantly oversees the flow of units into and out of an existing inventory along with the quality of incoming raw material.

  • Quality reporting of incoming material
  • Acceptance of material in Good Stock and Returnable stock.
Inventory Management:

Keeping a right track of inventory is important for business monitoring and growth. ERP constantly oversees the flow of units into and out of an existing inventory along with raw material, WIP and finished goods.

  • Maintenance of preferred Vendor for Item
  • Categorisation of different items. (Merchandise Code).
  • Receiving incoming material
  • Placed for Quality Checking
  • Maintenance of GRN for approved material
  • Return of rejected material
Warehouse Management:

keeping a track of product stock in the warehouse is important as it is the stock that decides the upcoming production rates. Managing various warehouses simultaneously is a cumbersome job, but it is easily managed by our ERO system with great accuracy.

  • Creation of central warehouse for incoming material
  • Creation of Shop wise warehouse to control/monitor shop wise inventory
  • Shop wise/overall item wise inventory control/monitoring
Sales Management

not all outlets have the same demand of the particular good. The demand varies from place to place. This sales demand is easily managed by our ERP system. It thereby makes it convenient to decide the supply and logistics of the goods.

  • Retail sales will be mapped through the POS portal
  • Delivery of Material
  • Maintenance of Sales Return
  • Maintenance of Tax Invoice
  • Maintenance of Sales Credit Note
  • Shop wise - Consolidated Sales will be booked in SAP
  • GST related documentation will be mapped in SAP
Logistics Management:

In addition to the sales management as discussed the logistic charge and best facilities based on demand is easily monitored by our Megatherm ERP system.

  • Maintenance of Logistic Vendor Master Data
  • Placement of Service Orders
  • Processing of Transporter Invoice with relevant Taxes
  • Alerts at different stages of transaction
Accounts Management:

Our ERP sorts detailed financial flow facilitating efficient accounting policies with a high level of regulatory compliance. Managing employee accounts too have become hassle-free with our updated ERP system.

  • Multi-Currency Accounting
  • Maintenance of Chart of Accounts - up to 10 levels
  • Maintenance of recurring posting templates.
  • Journal Voucher - posting through approval.
  • Journal Entry
  • Supplier Invoice processing.
  • Incoming & Outgoing Banking
  • BRS
  • General Ledger/ Trial Balance/ P&L Account/Balance Sheet - Overall/Division wise
  • Different Reports
Approval and Alert integration for Product Management:

Alerts related to production, new launches and even Customer management becomes way too easy with the automated processes for capturing data, customer preferences and activities with ERP for retail.

  • Auto generated Alerts from SAP - Desktop, Android Phones, iPhones
Approval Management:

Once a new programme needs to be launched, it needs the approval of several sectors from time to time along with several changes. ERP designs all discussion under one file thereby making all changes noticeable and updated.

  • Auto generated Alerts from SAP - Desktop, Android Phones, iPhones
Taxation Management:

Paying tax is a big part of any retail business. However, there are several schemes by which taxation can be reduced. Megatherm ERP takes care of all these schemes and their timely access.

  • GST
  • Different GST related reports.

Ready Retail Software

We have ready software for Retail Industry which you may integrate with your industry. Only we need to work on it's customisation required for your company.

Customer Base in Same Domain

We are long runner in this domain and have huge customer base in same Industry. Our ERP software are live in different Retail company of India.

Low Cost Retail Software

We offer Retail Erp software at 100% low cost with one year free support service. We always beat our competitors in price along with it's quality.

ERP For Project Base Company

Features of SAP Retail ERP APPS
Functionalities mapped with independent desktop based POS solution:

Each Shop/POS will have SAP to handle/monitor overall inventory and accounting transactions through application. Material will be transferred from central warehouse to Shop wise Central warehouse and therefrom to the shop/display area. On day end an item wise consolidated sales with different payment means will be booked in SAP.

The POS solution will be an independent solution. Individual Shop will have a separate solution/database will be maintained in separate Server. It will require connectivity with SAP only at the time of data synchronisation. Shop wise Inventory will be maintained in SAP..

Erp For dairy & ice cream company

Functionalities in the POS solution:

Sales Booking:
  • Transaction wise - Item wise Sales Booking
  • Invoice wise - Item wise Sales return Booking
  • Daily Sales Stock Report
Payment Booking:
  • Invoice wise - Payment means wise transaction Booking
Payment Integration:
  • Integration of different payment means with POS - Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Paytm etc.
Maintenance of Schemes:
  • Maintenance of different Schemes
Maintenance of Customer Loyalty Programme:
  • Maintenance of Loyalty Schemes
Functionalities mapping with independent Pick/Pack solution:

Picking and packing of material for transfer to individual shops will be taken care of by this solution. This solution will be used in the central Store. It will be seamlessly integrated with SAP B1.

Demo of Retail ERP Software

Now if you want to check SAP ERP software for retail business then before integrate it you must ask for demo panel request a demo to our support team or you may call for same.

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ERP For Manufacturing Company

ERP For Manufacturing Company

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Retail Store Operation, Point of Sales wise costing, Branch wise costing, hop wise warehouse control.

ERP For Retail Company

ERP For Transportation

Transportation ERP

SAP Transportation ERP is the best ERP solution for hassle free management of a transportation business and as a long runner on this track we provide the complete solution for your transportation business




a. Die Management.
b. Log & Billet Management.
c. Extrusion.
d. Re-Melting.
e. Inspection Reporting.

ERP For Project Base Company

ERP For Project Base Company

ERP For Project Base Company

a. Production Planning.
b. Detailed Production Management.
c. Moulder Wise Production Reporting.
d. Quality Management System.
e. Template – Based Costing.

Erp For dairy & ice cream company

Erp For dairy & ice cream company

Erp For dairy & ice cream company

a. Daily milk collection in collection points/Chilling points.
b. Chilling point configuration.
c. Automated SMS integration on milk receipt

Question and Answer Related Retail ERP

Is SAP better for retail Business?

Yes! SAP is the right solution for retail business. SAP minimizes the risk of small and medium businesses and opens the door to them for the possibility of unlimited growth.

What is the Cost of Retail ERP?

The cost of SAP retail software is always have smart count and you can’t calculate it’s costing because it is depending upon level of customisation the type of deployment and its implementation. In retail ERP domain vendors display their pricing on their website publicly for cloud ERP only and they quote their actual costing after analysing company’s business requirements.

What is retail erp?

Retail ERP is a Software for managing Retail business and provide you the 360 degree solution. Retail ERP have different modules like Operation management, Accounting management, sale (POS) management, Store Management, Warehouse and Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management and many more..